Frequently Asked


1. What is SHPE and what does it stand for? 

SHPE is an acronym for Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. SHPE is a professional and student organization at the national level, which helps its members become the leaders of the future.

2. Who can join SHPE?

Anyone is welcome to join SHPE (Yes, even fine-arts majors!). SHPE is a diverse organization, originally founded by Latinos, that welcomes everyone who wants to learn about diversity, everyone who wants to learn how to interact with other people, everyone who wants to gain leadership skills and interviewing skills, and most importantly everyone who wants establish networking relationships with professional individuals in the field of their study. 

3. How can I join SHPE?

You can become a member anytime!! However, the deadline to become a national member is October 1st!

4. What do I need to become a member?

Follow the steps through the Join tab & you're good to go!

5. Where can I find more information about SHPE?

We have a national website - there you can find general SHPE information, calendars of events, conferences, students and professional chapters information, committees, regional services, contacts and more. Or you can navigate through this site and find more about our organization.

6. How big is SHPE?

SHPE is a national organization, and it is divided into 7 regions with more than 6,000 members!