SHPE SMU Chapter Bylaws

Article I: Name of Organization

The name of this organization shall be the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at Southern Methodist University. The organization shall be referenced as "SHPE SMU."

Article II: Purpose / Objective

The purpose of SHPE SMU is the following:

  • To increase and/or retain the number of students entering the science and engineering fields at Southern Methodist University.

  • To promote personal and career development to student engineers and scientists.

  • To promote self-sufficiency and innovative thinking among the next generation of engineers.

  • To establish and maintain a network among students, faculty, staff, and professionals.

  • To promote engineering and academic development to the community and youth.

  • To promote social and professional development for the engineering community at Southern Methodist University. 

Article III: Association

Section 1: Affiliation

          The Student Chapter of the Society of Professional Hispanic Engineers at Southern Methodist University is hereby affiliated with the national SHPE organization. By associating itself with the national SHPE organization, SHPE SMU members agree to maintain the integrity of the organization by adopting the rules and regulations designated by its governing board. Furthermore, student members and this organization's Executive Board will respect the local policies regarding chartered student organizations established by Southern Methodist University.

Section 2: Non-Discrimination

          As a non-discriminating organization, this Student Chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at SMU does not exclude persons from membership, or participation by non-members in any chapter-sponsored event, due to that person's race, color, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability.

Article IV: Membership

Section 1: Definition of Membership

        Membership is open to all students of Southern Methodist University who register with and pay annual dues to both the national and student chapters of SHPE. Members must be enrolled at least part-time as an undergraduate or graduate at Southern Methodist University. A student must be a member of SHPE SMU to be eligible to vote or participate as an executive officer, although non-members may attend meetings and participate in all SHPE SMU events that are not designated for members only. 

Section 2: Membership Requirements

        While members are not required to attend all meetings, they must be mindful that they are the representatives to both SMU and SHPE and are thus responsible for following this chapter's bylaws; to read and understand this Constitution; to participate in elections of executive officers; to defend or appeal decisions of the board; to participate in chapter judicial processes; to participate in SHPE SMU events; maintain annual membership; to promote and sustain SHPE SMU through leadership in the community; to remain cognizant of chapter issues and offer solutions; to actively encourage membership through outreach to the community. 

Section 3: Member Benefits

         Members of the SHPE SMU chapter are entitled to benefits offered by the national SHPE organization, in addition to those provided by this organization and student organizations at SMU; including, but not limited to free access to the Student Activities Center, ability to vote in general meetings, opportunity to participate in regional and national conferences, eligibility to apply for SHPE scholarships, opportunity to participate in networking events, volunteer efforts, social gatherings, leadership seminars, and professional development workshops. 

Section 4: Removal of Membership

        Members may be removed from the organization if they are in violation of the rules and integrity of SHPE SMU, as determined by the executive officers, contingent upon the majority decision of the voting membership. Once the misconduct has been identified and requisitioned for official action, the member in question will be asked to meet with the executive officers in a private meeting to discuss his/her offense, as well as to determine the appropriate actions to be taken. The action discussed and agreed upon by both the executive board and the member will be documented and signed by all parties; it and the discussion of the meeting will be confidential. Should the members not come to an agreement of the penalty or if the member does not adhere to the agreement made with the board, the member may be removed by a majority vote by the general chapter membership. The member then forfeits the privilege of membership in the SHPE SMU chapter, without refund of dues or donations, for one full year. The member may submit a written appeal on his.her behalf regarding the decision to the board five days before the subsequent general meeting. The appeal must be affirmed by a majority vote by the membership and discussed by the board, which will reconsider the removal. The final decision will be made by a majority vote by the board.

Article V: Dues

Section 1: Definition 

        All student must annually register with the national SHPE organization and pay any fees associated with the membership before becoming recognized as a member of SHPE SMU. Additionally, SHPE SMU members will be required to pay chapter dues upon registration for membership. 

Section 2: Administration of Dues

Membership fees will be handled, as follows:

  • Membership due date will be selected by the executive officers.
  • Treasurer will collect dues(checks only) and application information from members on or before due date
  • Treasure will copy check and retain for records
  • Treasurer will deposit the dues into the SHPE SMU checking account within three business days of receipt
  • Five working days after membership due date, the Treasurer will request a check in the total amount needed for membership fees to the national chapter and send upon receipt
  • Any checks received after posting date will be handled as above by the Treasurer, within five business days of receipt

*SHPE SMU members will be required to pay a total of $10.00 each annually for SHPE and SMU chapter dues.

Section 3: Designation of Chapter Dues

         Chapter dues will be deposited in the SHPE SMU checking account and will be available for chapter expenditures not included in the Senate-appropriated budget. Usage of funds in the checking account will be decided by majority vote by the general membership, unless emergency funding is approved by majority vote through executive board. The Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining records of deposit and withdrawal from the account and will ensure that current and accurate records are available for viewing by the general public.

Article VI: Roles and Responsibilities

All members of the SHPE Executive Board are expected to responsibly comply with their assigned roles and responsibilities. All members are expected to create an action plan and goals for their office for that year. All executive board members are eligible to charter a committee to further the reach of their positions. It is a shared responsibility amongst all positions that they prepare their successor through creating a succession plan, whether it be through temporary committee appointing or any relevant method.

Section 1 - President

  • Represents the chapter and be responsible for all business concerning the chapter.
  • Must be responsible for assurance of the skill set required for every board position.
  • Reserves the right to replace or swap roles as he or she considers fit.
  • Oversees other executive officers and assures that all responsibilities are met with.
  • Shall set and establish all policies of the chapter and/or other functions or activities under the direction of this chapter.
  • Must be constantly communicating with chapter advisor.
  • Consult the Executive Board concerning any major decisions to ensure that any actions are in the best interest of the chapter.
  • Shall be the official spokesperson for the chapter, coordinate activities with other operating officers, and manage the day-to-day affairs of the chapter.

Section 2  - Vice-President of Internal Affairs

  • Maintain a constant communication with all members of the chapter.

    • Must email about meetings, events, scholarship opportunities on a weekly basis

  • Shall be in constant communication and looking to proactively partner with other engineering organizations such as:

    • NSBE

    • SWE

    • Theta Tau

    • Lyle Ambassadors

    • EWB

  • Finding new members and establishing contact with potential members.

  • Act as the direct contact person for all general members needing SHPE SMU’s resources.

  • Coordinate SHPE SMU membership to every local, regional, and national conference.

  • In coordination with the secretary, will manage the internal affairs of the chapter

  • Shall resolve issues with the student body.

  • Shall act as President Pro Tem in the latter’s absence

Section 3  - Vice-President of External Affairs

  • Networks with corporate sponsors for events and employment opportunities.

    • Includes writing emails and letters

    • Includes making phone calls and meetings

    • Includes thank you letters to sponsors (Work with treasurer and secretary to obtain statistics on the outcome of support.

  • Guides the preparation of the proposal for corporate sponsorship and distributes it to corporate contacts.

  • Maintains the professional image of SHPE by obtaining business cards and attending not only the required SHPE events but also Diversity Programs in Engineering (DPE) events and other on-campus diversity events. The director shall make an effort to constantly mention SHPE at events such as the semesterly Career Fairs and other information sessions. At the SHPE National Conference, it is important that the VP of External Affairs networks with other schools in order to develop potential relationships, especially with nearby schools.

  • Maintains the established corporate relations and create new relationships outlined above. Shall then be in charge of organizing the resulting event. For instance:

    • could request corporate info-sessions

    • corporate lunches,

    • workshops

  • Correspondence with regional bodies, representing the club at regional meeting and functions, and coordination of communication with other SHPE chapters.

    • SHPE DFW

    • SHPE National


  • Shall be in constant communication and looking to proactively partner with other university SHPE chapters and SHPE DFW.

  • Maintains a sponsorship and relationship database with updated information containing email addresses, phone numbers and relevant information such as donations.

Section 4 - Executive Administrative Assistant

  • Handle all meeting logistics for both General Body Meetings and Executive Meetings.

    • Booking rooms

    • Handle flyer distribution throughout Lyle and Dedman Sciences.

    • Acquiring food items:

      • work with Vice President External for sponsorships

      • work with Treasurer to see available funds and relay catering contact

    • Sending out Agenda for Executive Board Meetings

    • Recording Attendance at all meetings and events

    • Taking Minutes during General Body Meetings and Executive board meetings.

    • Recording points

  • Create and Maintain a database of event contacts such as school officials and catering contacts.

  • Works with VP of External Affairs to coordinate the needs of the guest company or speaker.

  • In charge of corporate SHPE SMU email

    • Connect with respective officer

      • For example: SHPE SMU receives an email from a catering contact so that must be answered by the secretary  

      • Another example: SHPE SMU receives an email from a company seeking to hire Hispanic Engineers and wants the job list to be sent out so that must be relayed to the VP of Internal Affairs.

  • Create and maintain an organized record of all minutes, attendance, and points of every SHPE SMU activity.

    • Working with the Technology Executive Officer to develop a streamlined system.

  • Writes Annual Report

    • Delegates Sections to Other Officers

      • Budget report to Chief Financial Officer

      • Social media engagement to Technology Executive Officer

      • Membership Reports to Internal Affairs

      • Sponsorship Reports and Employment Reports to External Affairs

Section 5  - Chief Financial Officer

  • Have constant knowledge of the status of the financial accounts.

  • Design formats for reports and budgets.

  • Seek and apply for other funding opportunities.

    • Develop a Fundraising Plan

    • Appoint a Committee if Necessary

  • Submit a projected budget for approval at the first meeting of each semester to the Board of Directors. This budget should include all expected expenditures for the semester.

  • Maintain a record of all membership dues.

  • Keep records on money received and disbursed.

  • Keep track of monetary/material donations.

  • Prepare:

    • Budgets

    • EOY Reports and any other financially-related reports for SHPE SMU with any other appointed committee(s) or member(s) by the Executive Board.

  • Assume responsibility for any financial transactions pertaining to SHPE SMU.

  • Prepare updated periodical financial reports for every meeting.

    • SHPE National

    • SHPE DFW

  • Submit Senate proposal each semester and following up with due process.

  • Handle catering contracts.

  • Handle reimbursement forms. Reimburse members for organization spending.

  • Work with Controller for Engineering department.

  • Make purchases with P-Card

Section 6 - Technology Executive Officer

  • Streamline the use of technology

    • FInding out and implementing the use of SMU QR Code for events (like PC or SF)

    • Creating an infrastructure for this information to be relayed to an excel document

      • Work with Secretary to maintain this

    • Using or creating a social media management software to post across all channels

    • Thinking and actively pursuing ways to streamline processes through technology.

  • Create and maintain a website that is informative and reflective of the current chapter.

    • Obtain and maintain domain (work with Treasurer)

    • Maintain a flashy and unified aesthetic for marketing purposes

    • Think strategically and outside of the box to promote SHPE at SMU and to attract new members

    • Publicize all SHPE events through means of pictures and written reports on website.

    • Shall be responsible for keeping written records of events and maintaining a blog periodically

    • For example:

      • All features on this website should at least be implemented

Section 7 - Marketing Executive Officer

  • Create Marketing Plan

    • Think Creatively and outside the box

      • Regular Marketing Plan

      • Social Media Marketing Plan

  • Create and Maintain Brand Image (Contact and Work with a student Graphic Designer)

    • In charge of designing Branding materials

      • Flyers for Events

      • Business Cards for Executive members

      • T-shirts

    • Maintain a modern and unified aesthetic for marketing purposes

      • Across Website and Social Media

      • Unified Color Scheme

      • Unified graphics (preferably flat icons)

  • Create social media marketing materials.    

    • Create a content plan (on Calendar) for social media

      • High quality photos

      • Text posts

      • Instagram Stories

      • Event Announcements

    • Maintain and regularly post on social media channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.

      • Use social media management software.

      • Posts should be purposeful

      • Minimum of two posts per week

    • Look for ways to increase engagement

      • Connecting with corporate sponsors

      • Connecting with other SHPE Chapters across the country

        • University

        • Professional

      • Using hashtags to promote events and engagement with members

        • Event-specific to generate corporate engagement

        • General hashtags Example: tag #SHPESMU for points

  • Serve as official event photographer and social media handler.

Article VII : Meetings

Section 1 : General Meetings

         The General Meetings will serve all SHPE SMU members with purpose to inform and organize membership participation in upcoming events, organized by the executive board. General Meetings will be scheduled to take place every other week on the same day and time. The General Meetings will be directed and headed by the President, or the Vice-President in case of the President's absence.

         These meetings must be met with curriculum content set by SHPE executives for that semester. SHPE at SMU should strive for excellence in general meetings by bringing speakers from industry and providing in-depth experiences for their members. SHPE must provide value through interesting and thought-provoking meetings.

Section 2 : Executive Meetings

          Executive Meetings will be assigned to take place every week, same day and time. SHPE SMU's advisor along with all executive board members will meet with the purpose of organizing the upcoming general meeting and programs. These meetings will be coordinated by the President and/or advisor.

          All executive board members should have updates to bring to a meeting. These meetings require an agenda and minutes must be taken. These meetings serve as a control to verify that executive board members are complying with their roles and responsibilities to the organization.

Section 3: Emergency Meetings

         In Reference to Article VI - Section 2, only the President can call an emergency meeting. An emergency meeting serves its purpose by gathering all executive members to inform of a new change or alteration in the current  status of any issue relating to the chapter or membership considered an emergency.

Article VIII: Point System

The SMU Chapter of SHPE will implement a Member Point System, to be designated by the executive officers at the beginning of each term. The SMU chapter of SHPE will also follow the SHPE national point system, as designated by Region V directors. Point logs will be kept by the Secretary, who will record the points of each member accordingly.

The Point System for 2018-2019:

4 - Outreach Events

3 - Study Nights / Socials

1 - Attending a general meeting

1 - Bring a Non-member to any event or meeting

1 - Wearing a SHPE shirt to a General Meeting

1 - Post on social media #SHPEresentThursday

*Off Campus Events +2 points

Article IX : Executive Board Succession Plan

Every year, the roles of the executive board will change based off of the needs of SHPE SMU. Depending on the presidential agenda, roles and opportunities within the executive board will either become available or disappear. It is in the best interest of the growing chapter that each officer will develop their succession plan based on future goals and aspirations of the chapter.

Section 1: Interviewing Officers

All office positions must be developed and trained for. The interview is an essential part of the process and must be taken seriously.

     1. An Agenda Must Be Set

            a. After the candidate applies with their resume, the president along with the advisor review candidate and possible position placement.

            b. After determining the possible position for the candidate before the fall semester, the president must set up a meeting with the candidate before the fall semester.

            c. The meeting must  have an agenda with questions relevant to the organization and candidate potential to truly assign the candidate to the right position. 

     2. The Interview Process

            a. All candidates must be reviewed and the interview must flow as professionally as possible.

            b. Questions must be taken at the end and the president might reveal possible position opportunities.

Section 2: Officer Selection

Once candidats are assigned to their office, a formal email must be sent confirming the candidate of their roles and responsibilities. The purpose of this email is to formally set the expectations of the organization and to move forward in strategic planning.

Section 3: Kick-Off

After the candidate confirms their official commitment to the organization, a Kick-Off meeting must be held to introduce the executive board and to set the plan and calendar of the year.

Article X : Checks and balances

        In order to maintain honor a system of checks and balances will be implemented and maintained by the Treasurer.

Section 1: Accounts

       The purpose of the SMU bank account is to provide SHPE SMU with the convenience of maintaining funds on campus. All transactions must adhere to the rules and regulations set by the university controller's office.

Section 2: Check request

       In order to receive a reimbursement, it must be approved by the Treasurer and President. In addition, the correct documentation must be submitted to the Treasurer attaching the original receipt. No reimbursements will be dispersed without the original receipt to ensure honor. 

Section 3: Funding

      SHPE SMU may accept funding fro any entity including but not limited to SMU, SMU School of Engineering, corporate sponsors, an individual, or any other entity wishing to support SHPE SMU. A thank you note along with a brief description of how the donation will be allocated will be sent within 2 weeks of receipt.

Section 4: Monthly Reports

      The treasurer shall prepare a detailed monthly financial report listing all transaction made. No report is needed if no transactions occurred during the previous month.

Section 5: Change of treasurer

      Upon the installation of the new treasurer the previous treasurer shall complete a detailed financial report such as the EOYR.

Article XI: Change of Executive Board

Section 1: Resignation

  • Any executive member wishing to resign must submit a letter of resignation to the President during the executive meeting prior to the next general meeting.
  • The President or Vice-President shall appoint a temporary replacement until the position is filled.
  • During the next general meeting an announcement will be made, followed by nominations.
  • Elections will be held at the general meeting following the announcement and nominations.

Section 2: Impeachment

  • Any paid member may bring a name of an executive board member not fulfilling his/her duties.
  • The executive board and advisor shall review the case bring it before the general members.
  • The accused party shall present his/her case before the general members.
  • Voting may take place.
  • In the case of a tie, the President shall break it. In the case of the President being accused party, the advisor shall break it if available, followed by the Vice-President. 

Section 3: Termination

  • The President reserves the right to terminate an executive board member if the member continuously fails to deliver with several tasks. The position will remain vacant until a more responsible candidate is identified. 


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